286 Heavy-duty stapler

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Great power saving that can staple with only one finger.
Front-loading design for easy staple loading.
Adjustable max stapling depth 50mm.
All metal mechanisms with high impact plastic casing.
Rubber base protects the surface of table anti-skid and durable.
Can be stapled 80,000 times.
Brief introduction of heavy binding machine The Heavy Duty Binder is a versatile, efficient tool designed to meet the demanding needs of bookbinding professionals and businesses. With its sturdy construction and advanced features, this machine provides a reliable solution for easily binding large volumes of documents. Heavy-duty binding machines feature sophisticated mechanisms that can punch and bind a variety of materials, including thick stock, cardstock, and even hardcover books. Its adjustable punch pins allow for customization, ensuring accurate and consistent hole placement throughout the document. The machine offers a variety of binding options including comb binding, coil binding and wire binding. Comb binding uses plastic or metal combs to securely hold pages together, while coil binding utilizes plastic spirals for professional and easy-to-edit results. On the other hand, the wire binding feature provides a stylish and durable binding solution. The heavy duty binder is easy to operate thanks to its intuitive control panel. Users can choose the settings they want, such as punch depth, binding size, and even the number of sheets punched at a time. Additionally, the machine features built-in paper alignment guides to ensure precise alignment and prevent paper jams. Safety is the number one priority with this machine. It is equipped with safety sensors that automatically stop the machine in case of any obstacle or malfunction. In conclusion, heavy-duty binding machines are reliable and efficient solutions for binding professionals and businesses. Its rugged design, versatile binding options, and user-friendly features make it an essential tool for producing high-quality and professionally bound documents.

  • Types of staples: 23/6&23/3
  • Depth: 55mm
  • Pages : 200 sheets
  • Pcs of staple: 100pcs
  • Packing: 1/6
  • Product size: 39.2*13.3*8.5cm
  • Meas: 27.8*25.5*41.2cm
  • GW/NW: 12kgs/11.5kgs
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